Pain de mie

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A pain de mie a nice bread for breakfast and making sandwiches. It is backed in a tin - traditionally one that is closed at the top, which gives is the characteristic square shape. And I don’t have one of those, so mine always have a “bump”.

My tin is 22x12cm, which is about 9x4.5”, and to fill that, I need 500g of flour, so following the original version I replace replace 50g of the water with milk and add 10g butter.

500g        flour
275g        water
50g             milk
10g        butter
7/8g        Salt
one tbs    yeast

This bread is one of my favourite all day, everyday bread because it is quick and easy to make, and the hint of butter makes it taste sweeter, especially when toasted. And the smell!

This is a starting point.

  • You can add more yeast to make the “bump” bigger.
  • You can add more butter, but bear in mind that the dough will need longer to rise.
  • You can add more water or milk to make the dough wetter. But this will also make the dough rise slower.

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