Pizza dough is very similar to plain bread above. A “standard” pizza dough ball is 300g, and the standard hydration of pizza dough is 60%. So how much flour do you need? Challenge: you do the math! We are looking amount X grams where X + 60% of X equals 300.

The result is just over 180. And therefore this is the pizza dough (PD)

180g            flour
120g            water
4/5g            Salt
half a tbs.     yeast

Or, if you want to make enough dough for two pizzas: 2xPD

360g            flour
240g            water
8g              Salt
one tbs.        yeast

First, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, cover the bowl so that the dough does not dry out and let it rise for an hour or so.

DSC02667 DSC02669

Then fold the dough, cut in half and roll out the pieces.

I use some baking paper which I have cut into circles to make easier and shape the dough into a pizza.

DSC02670 DSC02671 DSC02672
DSC02673 DSC02674

Then “populate” the dough and bake it.

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17 Jun 2020 16:22


What's your favourite thing to go onto a pizza?

Got to be ham and pineapple for me.

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